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Cornett announces he will run again for OKC mayor



Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett announced Aug. 26 he will seek a third term as mayor of Oklahoma's largest city. 

Cornett was elected mayor in 2004 with 57 percent of the vote in a special election against three opponents, and re-elected in 2006 with 87 percent of the vote against two opponents. The election for mayor will be held March 2, 2010.

"Lisa and I are certainly aware that there are other political opportunities but we don 't intend to consider them," Cornett said.  "I expect the next four years in Oklahoma City to be pretty spectacular, and I want to be a part of it.  Let me be as emphatic as necessary "? I am not going to run for Governor, or Lt. Governor, or Congress.  I am running for re-election as mayor.  We are creating a world-class city and there is much more work to accomplish."

The mayor and city council are currently considering placing a MAPS 3 initiative before the voters this December.

"I want the people of Oklahoma City to know that if MAPS 3 moves forward and is approved, I intend to make sure this initiative is carried out in 2010 and beyond with the same accountability and excellence we have grown accustomed to,"  Cornett said.  "I believe the next decade in Oklahoma City will be even more dynamic than the last."

Cornett seeks to become only the fourth mayor in Oklahoma City history to win a third term, joining mayors Allen Street (1947-1959), Patience Latting (1971-1983) and Ron Norick (1987-1998).   


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