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Cornett to Bloomberg: mayors want action out of Washington



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Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett was a guest of Bloomberg TV Wednesday to provide his take on President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, which he said appeared to offer little substance to cities and states across the country.

“I think what mayors want right now is action out of Washington and what I saw [in the State of the Union] was another partisan pep rally,” Cornett said speaking to Mark Crumpton, the host of Bloomberg’s Bottom Line (watch clip above).

Cornett said he wants to see increased funding for transportation and infrastructure projects, along with less regulation. He also encouraged Congress to provide a way for cities and states to collect sales tax on Internet sales.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation among cities, Cornett was asked how Oklahoma City has been successful in job growth, to which Cornett credited the growth of young professionals in recent years.

“We’ve created a city where people want to live and we learned long ago the key to economic development was not seeing how many incentives you could throw at big businesses but it was trying to create a place where highly educated 20-something would choose to live,” Cornett said.

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