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Council ok's alcohol permit for gun range



The city council approved an alcohol permit for Wilshire Gun shooting range at 615 Wilshire Blvd. Jeff Swanson, representing Wilshire Gun, said the shooting range would not allow customers to handle firearms after they had a drink of alcohol. Driver license scans would be used to monitor those who drink, Swanson said.

“You will never be able to get a drink and then shoot a gun,” Swanson told the council. “We have absolutely zero tolerance.”

Ward 1 Councilman James Greiner was one of several councilors to raise questions about the inclusion of alcohol at a gun range.

“Adding the alcohol component seems to make the zero tolerance even harder,” Greiner said.

Ward 3 Councilman Larry McAtee acknowledged there was nothing illegal about the concept, but questioned its safety.

“Alcohol is legal in Oklahoma, guns are legal in Oklahoma,” McAtee said. “[But] I have a real problem with mixing the two.”

McAtee, along with Meg Salyer and John Pettis voted against the application. The measure passed 6 to 3.

The concept has been approved in other states, such as Georgia. But Wilshire Gun would be the first in Oklahoma.

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