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Councilman on Kern



So hearing Rep. Sally Kern attack Muslims, gays and now people of color and women is very offensive to me. Which group will she attack next?

I feel strongly that she cannot be allowed to continually give Oklahoma a black eye. To misspeak is to incorrectly express yourself. Kern’s so-called apology claims she did just that, to misspeak, but she revealed what she believes.

Yet, Kern epitomizes the need for affirmative action. Her core prejudices would prevent open-minded hiring or considering a persons’ attributes for promotion or placement. This is exactly why we still need affirmative action. Ending it now, with the claims we no longer need it, is similar to those who stop taking antibiotics as soon as they feel better: It can actually make things worse, or at least slow the healing process. A recent study shows at the University of Oklahoma that females were making much less than male counterparts. It has nothing to do with effort when you have statistics like that.

Kern claims she only wants us to judge the individual and not look at race or gender, all the while her beliefs about people of color being lazier then others, demonstrates she does not look at the individual. I ask: Were Clara Luper or George Henderson ever lazy? Of course not. We can never fairly generalize about people. But since we do, it needs to be counterbalanced, because in a republic, the law comes before majority status.

—Tom Kovach
Kovach represents Ward 2 on the Norman City Council.

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