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Country legend Hubbard looks forward to Blue Door gigs



Not content with resting on his reputation as a Texas music legend, Ray Wylie Hubbard is busier than ever these days with multiple projects.

In the year since his last appearance in Oklahoma City, Hubbard has been producing recordings by other artists, writing a screenplay and " oh, yeah " continuing to write and perform songs that have earned him the continued respect of critics and fellow musicians.

"I've got all the songs written for a new CD, but with the movie and producing, I've been pretty busy," Hubbard said with a dry chuckle. "I've got about 12 or 13 new songs written, but unfortunately, we're in litigation with our record label."

Despite what Hubbard politely characterizes as "butting heads with our label," he expects to go into the studio in January to record a follow-up to last year's "Snake Farm."

Hubbard, who is slated for a Friday appearance at The Blue Door, said he looks forward to playing for Oklahoma City audiences in such surroundings.

"The crowd at The Blue Door is very knowledgeable about who writes the songs and they know about the music, and that's a treat," he said. "It's such a fun gig."

While Hubbard played a recent show in Dallas with a full rock band, he also enjoys playing smaller acoustic shows at places like The Blue Door.

"I like doing it every which way and I don't prefer one over the other. I feel very fortunate I can do both. It's great to be able to play (acoustic) in Oklahoma City," he said. "C.G. Niebank

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