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Couple exhibits 'Two for the Show' display



They fell in love, got married and eventually began traveling and painting together. Bev and Bob Landdeck share their story with Oklahoma in their new exhibit, "Two for the Show," at In Your Eye Studio & Gallery, 3005-A Paseo.

The Landdecks use watercolor, oils, acrylics and pastels to create different works of art. The concept of the couple's art is similar, but their styles are completely different. Bob's pieces are bold, while Bev's work is softer and more abstract, inspired by jewel-toned colors.

"We are each other's best critic. He sees things I don't see," Bev Landdeck said. "Yet people notice that our work works well together on the same wall."

She primarily paints landscapes and cruciforms, which are loose crosses that often resemble a landscape in some fashion. She uses a combination of colors to accent one another.

Opening her own industrial business, she designed cabinets for shopping centers and other such commercial outlets. But that career wasn't completely fulfilling, so she kept searching for something more rewarding. She originally took up painting as a way to accent her home the way she wanted. If she wanted to hang a picture of a rooster in her kitchen, but couldn't find one with purple or red shadows, she wanted to be able to paint it herself.

"I wanted to do things of beauty for homes, for where people live. I want people to find peace when they look at my paintings," Landdeck said.

She stumbled upon the In Your Eye Studio & Gallery when she was taking an art class with Bert Seabourn, a well-known local artist. Many of her classmates were already associated with the gallery, and she was eager to pursue art with her fellow students.

"Two for the Show" is on display through Nov. 30. Gallery hours are noon to 5 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, or by appointment. For more information, call 525-2161.

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