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Couple's trailer house struck by truck



If Bobby Vest's trailer is rockin', don't bother knockin' " because it might be an earthquake.

That's according to a recent story in the McAlester News-Capital. According to the story, Vest, a 66-year-old resident of Five Mile in (you guessed it) Southeastern Oklahoma, awoke recently with his bed shaking "¦ and he was alone in it!

"It's an experience to wake up with your bed shaking, not knowing exactly what's going on," said Vest. "I laughed about it afterwards, but at first I was kinda serious."

The jolt occurred a little after 10 p.m. Vest's wife, Leona, entered the room to tell him she thought a truck had hit them.

"My wife came in to the bedroom " she was up " and she said it sounded like a truck had hit the trailer house," he said. "I said, 'Well, is there a truck out there?' She said, 'No.'"

So, no truck. The only other thing it could be was one of them earthquakes.

It's not the first earthquake with which Vest has had experience. According to the story, Vest said a quake hit the plant where he was working several years ago.

"It busted the floor up," he said.

Vest said his abode in Five Mile incurred no damage, but it did move the TV antenna on top of his trailer. Vest knew it was that quake because he has to adjust it with a pipe wrench sometimes when he loses reception.

"The antenna was twisted around a little bit, like it just swung it around, the vibration against it," Vest said.

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