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Court car



There are lots of different ways to get to municipal court. Catch a ride with a friend, pedal your 10-speed, hop on the bus. Stealing an attorney's SUV? Yeah, that doesn't really rank up there as a great idea.

But according to KWTV News 9, that's exactly what David Bryan Crawford is accused of doing.

An attorney was at the Oklahoma County Detention Center Oct. 18 to meet a client when he noticed something awfully familiar about another vehicle parked in the lot. Specifically, that it looked exactly like the SUV that was recently stolen from his casa. He told just that to the deputies inside the jail, and when they searched the SUV, they found paperwork belonging to the 40-year-old Crawford.

But where was Crawford?

Turns out, he wasn't too hard to find. He had arrived at the jail on Oct. 15 to head to the municipal court " allegedly pulling up in the stolen ride " but was arrested on different charges while there. According to KWTV, grand larceny of a vehicle will be added to his list of charges.

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