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Criminals now stealing from children, too



A nationwide scheme propagated by prison inmates resulted in at least
438 federal tax return checks issued, with possibly fraudulent refund
proceeds totaling $1,828,084 in Oklahoma alone, according to The Oklahoman. State officials estimate that overall statewide fraud totals may top $4 million.

So far, how the prisoners are filing the fraudulent returns is unknown. But perhaps some of the inmates locked in the slammer aren’t quite as dimwitted as we would like to think.

More than 170,000 fraudulent returns have been identified nationally by the IRS, according to a December 2012 report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The returns totaled $2.1 billion nationwide between Oct. 1, 2011, and Sept. 30, 2012, NewsOK recently reported.

Remain- ing checks in question are still under review by the
Internal Revenue Service and the Child Support Services division of the
Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

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