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Certain members of a Warr Acres church got quite a rise when they saw their new Jesus.

According to a hard news report from The Oke's Watchdog team, a crucifix hanging in the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church seems to have done a little more than bring the congregation to its knees. Some claim the midsection of Christ has what appears to be something more than just six-pack abs " a penis the size of Roman candle. A Holy See, indeed.

"I've had people who have vocally said that that's what they see there," the Rev. Philip Seeton told The Oke. "I've had people who have been just as vocal who said that's not what they're seeing there."

The church commissioned local artist Janet Jaime to create the 10-feet-tall crucifix, which hangs above the church's main altar. Jaime did not to talk about allegations of the well-endowed Jesus to the newspaper, but the artist now reportedly plans to modify the crucifix to quell the controversy.

Reporters did interview Monsignor Edward Weisenburger of the Oklahoma City Archdiocese, who was OK with Jaime's work. But The Oke reported that others had contacted them and deemed the work "pornographic."

According to the story, the questioned cross is patterned after San Damiano crucifixes, a Catholic characterization from the 12th century associated with St. Francis of Assisi. According to The Oke, this version made Christ's "abdominal area ... noticeably more pronounced than on similar crucifixes."

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