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Current college football chaos calls for new playoff system



At no point in recent memory has any college football season produced so many jaw-dropping upsets, so much overall pandemonium in the polls and such a level of mass paranoia among high-profile programs hoping simply to survive another volatile week on the endangered species list.

Whatever happened to the good ol' days when two or three big-name schools ruled the roost, battled for the crystal ball and left everyone else squabbling over the table scraps?

It would seem an unparalleled level of parity has become a part of the game's current landscape, at least for the time being. And because of that, there has never been a stronger argument for a college football playoff system.

We're not talking about some elaborate 64-team March Madness knockoff. Simply stated, there never will be enough time or interest to make even an 8- or 16-team tournament work.

But what about the Final Four? Or since that name is taken by their hoops brethren, what about the "Fantastic Four," where the four top-ranked football teams at regular season's end would roll up their collective sleeves and play for the national title?

Two semifinal games, followed by the championship game " an ultimate bowl game with the sole purpose in mind of validating one "true" national champion.

Heck, they're already playing games until almost the second week of January. Why not extend the season by a week and let the chips fall where they may? "Jay C. Upchurch


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