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Cutting Funding Violates God's Nature



There has been much talk about the placing of the Ten Commandments monument at our state Capitol: some talk for and some talk against. But have we truly considered the message of the Ten Commandments? That is the issue to be extolled.

By way of a quick reminder, the context of the Ten Commandments is the revolt of slaves from Egypt with the aid of the God before whom we should have no other gods. The message of the Exodus event is that the Ten Commandments are the work of the God of justice, mercy and revolution.

What the gleeful Ten Commandment-waving Republicans need to recognize is that cutting funding for public schools, mental health services, nutrition programs, etc. is to violate the nature of the God of the Exodus. In short, the monument to the Ten Commandments serves to remind the Republican lawmakers that they represent the repressive policies of Pharaoh and not the liberating God of the Exodus. So, be careful for what you pray for, you may get just the opposite.
"Jeff Hamilton
Midwest City

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