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Cyclists have the right-of-way, period



In response to Roy Neher's letter "Bicyclist rights" (Oct. 27, Gazette):

We pay for the right. Get over it!

Many people like myself don't own cars, in order to save money and to do our part to conserve the use of fossil fuels to better our environment.

But my taxes pay for the roads that you " and everyone else " travel on. I understand that cyclist packs can cause hazards and congestion on our roadways.

But what I deal with daily are jerks with their cell phones stuck in their ears who are not attentive to their driving and the others around them.

When I have the green signal and the right-of-way at an intersection, someone turns right in front of me because they're in so much of a hurry like you.

Many times I've had to jump a curb to avoid being hit or been yelled at and had some ass flip me the bird because I cannot do 40 mph.

Even when riding on the sidewalk, drivers don't look or see that the pedestrian "walk" light is on at the intersection. Can't the city make them larger?

Pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk have the right-of-way, period. It's the law. Please turn off your phones when driving.

"Eugene Andrews

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