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Dallas Cowboys football game brings Sallisaw woman riches



There are many ways to pick numbers for the lottery. But, a Sallisaw woman found the right combination of sports and betting.


Sixty-year-old Nita K. Jacobs, a Texas transplant, got an Aug. 25 call from her neighbor, who wanted to know if Jacobs was interested in picking any Powerball numbers, The Associated Press reported. The jackpot had surpassed $300 million. Jacobs was watching a Dallas Cowboys exhibition football game at the time of the call.


"I told her just to pick me any numbers, and she said, 'Oh, no, you have to pick your own numbers,'" Jacobs said. "I was watching the Cowboys, so I just started scribbling down the numbers."


When the Powerball numbers were drawn, Jacobs' picks matched five of the white balls but not the Powerball number. It was still worth $200,000, plus Jacobs chose the extra multiplier, which was three, to win a grand total of $600,000.


Jacobs told the AP she plans to buy a new car and take a few trips. She even is going to invite her neighbor along, without whom the winnings would not have been possible.


"Me and her and another woman are going to take a nice little trip together," Jacobs said, according to AP.


One of those trips probably should include a Cowboys match.


"I've never been to a real Dallas Cowboys game," Jacobs said.

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