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Damned Democrats



I thought this might get your attention. We elected them to end the war, and they have failed us. We sent them to Washington to slow down the train wreck that is the worst administration in U.S. history, and they have enabled it. We gave them control of both houses of Congress, and it's business as usual. There is no loyal opposition. The system doesn't work.


Fearing that they will own the war that nobody wants, and President George W. Bush can blame them for losing it, the Democrats are biding their time until the general election. While they fiddle, the Pax Americana burns.


Our soldiers die. People are losing their homes. The elderly can't afford their medicine and pay their mortgages. But, never fear: The Party of the People will save us!


Terrified of being seen as "soft on terrorism," the Democrats managed to give the president even more power than he asked for to spy on us without a warrant. He knew he could get it, because most politicians are cowards who don't bother to read the bills they vote on.


Preening before the cameras, they warn the president that he can't have a "blank check" on a hopeless war, but he knows they'll sign it. If there is one thing we hate more than going broke and betraying our own Constitution, it's "cutting and running."


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took the gavel surrounded by children, but her party is unable to stop a president who just vetoed health insurance for poor children because it was too expensive and the first step toward socialized medicine. He favors private medicine because it works so well for him.


Members of the investor class now pay only 15 percent in taxes on the hard-earned dividends they receive by taking risks with other people's money. That's half what working people pay, but the Democrats get a lot of money from "hedge fund" brokers. So, they caved in. Hillary Clinton opposes the war she once authorized, and talks tough on a health care industry that owns her.


Police are now carrying AK-47s in order to match the firepower of criminals who can buy any kind of gun they want, now that the assault weapons ban has expired and the Democrats don't dare speak out. Sen. Tom Coburn now opposes a bill that even the National Rifle Association supports, but the Democrats are afraid they might be accused of being soft on the right of the mentally ill to own semiautomatic weapons.


Have we lost our minds? How did we go from a nation that sacrificed everything to defeat Germany and Japan to a nation that pays mercenaries like Blackwater USA to shoot civilians first and not ask questions at all?


How did we become a nation that endorses torture without an opposition party to shame us? When did our children become less important than our lifestyle?


The answer: when the Democratic Party, which has been called on so many times to save this country from itself, sold its soul to the highest bidder. If we no longer are able to elect politicians who will do the will of the people, then what should the people do next? If bold leadership is not required now, when would there be a better time?


For starters, the Democrats should lead the effort to bring back the draft. If a war is really worth fighting, then it should be worth the sacrifice of everyone's child. Then, they should introduce legislation that denies health insurance to every member of Congress until every American has it also.


Then, they should get to work on a publicly financed campaign system, lest we lose our democracy is a sea of cash corruption. It's a start. It's better than nothing. Damned Democrats.


Meyers is minister of Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City and professor of rhetoric in the philosophy department at Oklahoma City University.

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