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Dance music hit-maker Borgore has only a single mission in mind: to party



Infamous electronic dance music DJ-producer Borgore — birth name Asaf Borger — has plotted Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center as a stop on his systematic sonic takedown of the entire planet.

Borgore has a unique approach to touring that few musicians could brave: simply to never, ever stop.

“I’m touring all year,” Borger said. “It’s not like being in a band ... I can write a song right now and go out and play it and see how the crowd responds.”

He’s also looking forward to gifting the populace with a “good-ass party with hot chicks,” a milieu that irreverent Borgore is notorious for embodying.

For the past five years, prolific, Israeli-born Borgore has been perfecting and spreading “gorestep,” his self-coined flavor of EDM.

“I think that when you listen to my music, you cannot think that it sounds like this or that. It always sounds like my music. It never sounds like someone else,” he said. “That’s gorestep.”

Following his slew of successful remixes and his shiny 2012 EP Decisions featuring Miley Cyrus, Borgore released his first full studio album in July. The eclectic #NEWGOREORDER debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Top Electronic Albums chart and achieved high ranks on a host of others.

“It’s a little bit of dubstep and a little bit of house and a lot of things that you can’t even name,” Borger said.

Borgore’s inventive remixes of hits by Britney Spears, Metallica, M.I.A., Passion Pit and AWOLNATION, to name a few, give him a chance to deconstruct what the public knows and riff on the tracks he admires.

“If I love the original song, it will be fun to make a remix out of it,” he said.

His diverse obsessions include metal, pop and jazz, and the people he collaborates with can be surprising as well.

A Clockwork Orange actor Malcolm McDowell appears on #NEWGOREORDER in addition to the team-up with Cyrus.

“I’d never seen Hannah Montana, so all I’d heard was that there was this chick named Miley Cyrus and she was very hot and she was a brilliant singer, so we did this song,” Borger said, referring to the title track for Decisions.

It was that collaboration with Cyrus that some people claim sparked the former child star’s striking transformation into the divisive alt- princess she’s known as today.

“It would have happened eventually; I was just part of it,” Borger said.

In another life, Borger drummed in deathcore band Shabira. Among his other endeavors, he’s fostering a fleet of up-and-coming artists through his label, Buygore Records.

“I feel like this is going to be a good year for us,” he said. “I’m really eclectic in my taste, and that’s how I want Buygore to be.”

Borger visits his hometown, Tel Aviv, Israel, as often as he can.

“Every two or three months, I visit home to be with my family,” he said. “They’re proud of me. Super proud. I think that the whole of Israel is proud.”

Print headline: Borgore patrol, Dance music hit-maker Borgore has only a single mission in mind: to party.

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