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Dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric



On April 4, The Oklahoman published three letters of local or state interest, and three letters regarding national or international issues. Here are quotes from the latter three letters, with only minor wording changes for clarity:

"President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid stomped all over the 10th Amendment. They bribed, manipulated and strongarmed members of Congress. They plotted and schemed ... to shove this (health care) bill down our throat."

Regarding a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, "President Obama... (failed) to observe basic, decent protocol for a friend."

"President Obama picked up only two stones to kill America ..."

Anyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but this rhetoric is obviously inflammatory, and the writers don't present these baseless claims as opinions, but as facts. In my opinion, this is dangerous and irresponsible for a mainstream media outlet, and one can find similar examples almost daily in The Oklahoman. What is a citizen's proper response if told the president wants to "kill America"?

When I was growing up in Oklahoma, I was taught it was possible to disagree without being disagreeable. It still is. Editors at The Oklahoman seem not to have been taught this.
"John Kalhoefer
Oklahoma City

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