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Day Watch



"Day Watch" is confusing "? violent, but confusing. A mythical battle between dark and light is being waged in Moscow, kept in check by a truce, and enforced by delegates of good and evil.


Light team leader Anton (Konstantin Khabensky) battles Zavulon (Viktor Verzhbitsky) and is dispatched to enforce the peace and tries to rescue his son Yegor (Dima Martynov) from the lure of the dark side. Sound familiar? The film is a sequel to 2004's "Night Watch" and part of a trilogy based on a series of novels written by Sergei Lukyanenko.


There is plenty of killin', some gratuitous sex and a few impressive fight scenes, but the plot is fairly ludicrous. Have a few drinks to numb the brain, find a weird date and try not to think too hard. R


"?Joe Wertz  


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