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For those who have never attended or watched an Oklahoma City Council meeting, you are really missing out. The meetings are chock full of educational opportunities like learning what a PUD and a SPUD are, knowing the difference between the Oklahoma City Municipal Facilities Authority and the Oklahoma City Public Property Authority, and acquiring new vocabulary skills.

This week's new word: dewatering.

Hidden in the council's agenda packet for its Aug. 3 meeting is a little item concerning the demolition of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The area is being renovated to include new park areas with several features. But Ward 6 Councilwoman Meg Salyer noticed something in the agenda item she had never seen before.

"It talks about 'dewatering' the lake," an inquisitive Salyer uttered to the council. "I assume that means draining the lake," she asked with a subtle laugh.

But City Manager Jim Couch quickly came to Salyer's aid.

"Well, yes," the ever-astute Couch responded, wearing a grin. "But dewatering is a much better term."

Who could argue with that?

"It was the first time I had ever heard that term," Salyer said.

Same here at Chicken-Fried News. According to Webster's Dictionary, dewatering is a transitive verb meaning "to remove water from." Oh yes, the word draining would have been too complicated for the council to understand.

Look for more educational opportunities from council meetings where you learn that tax increases are not revenue enhancements but simply demoneying the citizens; or taking over property through eminent domain is dehoming a resident.

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