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deadCenter 2020: Black filmmaker roundup


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  • Blue Jade Branding / provided

{Black Title Here}

Available to stream through June 21 as part of Episodic shorts at

Director: Sev DeMy
Screenwriter: Sev DeMy
Producer: Sev DeMy, L. Maxwell McKissick
Cast: Rufus Burns, Selynne Silver

James deals with multiple interruptions from his girlfriend and friends on his day off.


Available to stream through June 20 as part of Modern Family Shorts at

Director: Ya'Ke
Screenwriter: Ya'Ke
Producer: Marisela Campos, Chuka Agbaraji
Cast: Justin Arnold, Lexter Santana, Joseph Preston

The dynamic of longtime friends Jason and Caleb is interrupted by the arrival of Caleb’s troubled brother Casey.


  • provided


Available to stream at

Director: Elegance Bratton, Jovan James
Screenwriter: Elegance Bratton, Jovan James
Producer: Chester Algernal Gordon, Elegance Bratton, Jovan James, Valerie Steinberg
Executive Producer: Elegance Bratton, Jovan James, Simbi Kali
Co-Producer: Valerie Steinberg
Cast: Malik Shakur, Biko Eisen Martin, Simbi Khali, Bruce Jackson, Gabe Peyton, Antonio, Alex Egner
Editor: Kristan William Sprague
Production Design: Daniel Ornitz

Depressive Lynn embarks on a troubled quest for happiness.



Available to stream through June 21 in the United States as part of Okie Shorts Mix-Tape Vol. 2 at

Director: Brando Jyrome
Screenwriter: Brando Jyrome, Ciara Jewel, Chandler Berrett
Producer: Bobby C Dodd, Brando Jyrome, Todd Roberts, Jacob Hightower, Laron Chapman
Cast: LaRonn Marzett, Kode Ransom, Pamela Kaye Jones

This short follows Justin throughout the day he is shot and killed.


  • 120E Films / provided

Test Pattern

Available to stream through June 21 in Oklahoma at

Director: Shatara Michelle Ford
Screenwriter: Shatara Michelle Ford
Producer: Pin-Chun Liu, Shatara Michelle Ford, Yu-Hao Su, Lee Stobby
Cast: Brittany S. Hall, Will Brill, Gail Bean, Drew Fuller
Cinematographer: Ludovica Isidori
Editor: Matt Tassone, Katy Miller
Production Design: Eloise Ayala
Sound Design: Thomas Ouziel
Music: Robert Ouyang Rusli

After Renesha is raped, she and her white boyfriend visit multiple hospitals in search of a rape kit.


  • One Hand Clapping Pictures / provided

Things of Beauty Burn

Available to stream through June 21 as part of Allies and Adversaries Shorts at

Director: Skinner Myers
Screenwriter: Skinner Myers
Producer: Skinner Myers, Micaela Hammond, Tanner Sawitz
Cast: Eugene Alper, Justin Wiggins, Melanie Neilan, Liana Giniatullina, Samantha Beckey

Afro-Russian teen Xander makes a life-or-death decision after an encounter with a pastor’s daughter.

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