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deadCenter Film Festival commentary: Rebate state, gonna film it great!


Tava Sofsky (Provided)
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deadCenter Film Festival


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"The deadCenter Film Festival is one of the most exciting times in our state’s film community," said Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO) Director Tava Maloy Sofsky.

OF+MO is proud to celebrate so many great Oklahoma films at this year’s festival, which continues to attract larger audiences each year which leads to a larger economic impact on Oklahoma City than ever before. Among this year’s incredible line up of feature film selections are Great Plains and Heartland, both of which were filmed in Oklahoma last year utilizing the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program administered by OF+MO.

The Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program offers one of the highest base percentages in the nation, including a 35-percent cash rebate on qualified Oklahoma expenditures, which is considered highly attractive compared with a tax credit or a grant. The rebate is available for qualifying film, television and commercial productions. An additional 2 percent is available if the production spends a minimum of $20,000 on local music and recording resources. As soon as productions are reminded of Oklahoma’s rich musical heritage and resources, they choose to record their music in-state, thus becoming eligible for the 37 percent cash rebate.

It becomes a win/win for our local film and music industries because more local musical talent, crew, support services and facilities are being used, which creates a bigger economic impact in the state.

On behalf of the state, we love seeing thousands of film-lovers pour into the streets, theaters and venues in downtown Oklahoma City during deadCenter to celebrate so many quality films and the filmmakers that made them. In the last few years, we’ve seen a resurgence of local infrastructure to support our film and music industries — filmmakers staying here to produce, production companies popping up, musicians building careers here locally, music producers creating top-notch recording facilities.

There’s no longer the need to move to Los Angeles, New York or Nashville, and young creatives know that. Oklahoma is branding itself as a great place to do creative work, while also taking advantage of the low cost of living, ease of doing business and our extremely supportive arts community."

Tava Maloy Sofsky serves as director of Oklahoma Film & Music Office. Sofsky’s 20 years of filmmaking experience has elevated her in becoming a respected filmmaker and leader in this industry therefore, her enthusiasm for film and music brings a wealth of knowledge to her current leadership position as film commissioner for the State of Oklahoma. 

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