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Debate rages in OU vs. OSU argument for athletic supremacy



While surfing the Internet the other day, I ran across a locally based message board featuring an all-too-familiar debate over which school has the more successful athletics program: the University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State?

As anyone familiar with the bedlam series might expect, OU and OSU fans pretty much butt heads on every point that pertains to their historic rivalry. There are legitimate points to be made on both sides of the argument, even if logic often takes a backseat to petty ranting and name-calling.

It's hard to look at Oklahoma State's incredible accomplishments in wrestling and golf, and not be impressed. Over the years, the Cowboys have collected 44 NCAA championships in those two sports alone: 34 in wrestling, 10 in men's golf.

In all, OSU has captured 48 national titles, a figure that almost doubles the total number of championships won by the Sooners. And if one is going strictly on NCAA championships, then the Cowboys own a 48-18 advantage.

While OSU fans would ask that the numbers be judged at face value, OU faithful are sure to counter with more specific details, such as the fact all but two of the Cowboys' titles " both in men's basketball " have come in minor, non-revenue sports.

Sooner supporters most certainly will redirect the discussion to include OU's seven football titles. Although the NCAA does not officially recognize national football titles in its ledger, no other collegiate sport carries more weight in the court of public opinion. "Jay C. Upchurch


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