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n re "Deception" is in the marketing campaign. They actually tried to sell this tepid and insipid thing as a thriller.

Hugh Jackman ("X-Men 1-3") is a hot shot lawyer who initiates timid accountant Ewan McGregor ("Star Wars 1-3") into a sex club so he can be set up to do something it would be ruining the plot to tell you about except to say that, what the hell, this plot was ruined by the writer and director (Mark Bomback and Marcel Langenegger). Michelle Williams ("Brokeback Mountain") is the poorest excuse for a femme fatale since Olive Oyl set Popeye and Bluto at each other's throats.

The movie is too long, the convolutions of the who's-conning-who plot are absurdly unbelievable, and the resolution will have you throwing your soda cup at the screen. R

"?Doug Bentin


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