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Deep-fried paradise



It was great to see the blurb on Bobo's Chicken by Joe Wertz in the "Try before you die" article in the May 19, 2010, Gazette. Located on "The Strip" on N.W. 23rd Street, I proclaim it as the best fried chicken in Oklahoma. They not only specialize in chicken. If you are a catfish lover, they can satisfy your need for that as well. The bread and the exceptionally seasoned fries are a perfect add-on for the chicken, and I never was a fan of thick-cut fries until I ate at Bobo's for the first time. As a former intern at Power 103.5 FM down the street, I would (and still do) frequent the familiar red trailer and get my seven-piece special whenever I'm in the mood for some good, deep-fried eating.

A word of advice for those who are interested in making the trek to Bobo's: If you are A) uncomfortable with black people and/or decayed urban atmosphere, or B) a wealthy white person who lives in a prominent suburb such as Nichols Hills or Edmond, I would strongly recommend that you get your food before 9 p.m. I am not saying this to come across as racist, as I myself am white. But, if you aren't familiar with people of different cultures, then eating at Bobo's may not exactly be up your alley. However, if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone, then be prepared to agree with me in proclaiming Bobo's as the best in the Sooner State.

"Michael Stewart

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