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Defying Gravity: The Complete First Season



The endless comparisons of "Defying Gravity" to "Grey's Anatomy" are not unfounded. With the characters spending all their off-time "? and much of their on-time "? discussing relationship foibles, the drama really does seem like a straight graft of the "Grey's" template, but replacing "doctors" with "astronauts," and "hospital" with "spaceship."

At least that's the case for the two episodes sent for review, which happen to be the series' final, which were unaired during its low-rated run on ABC last year. Both center on the sexually charged affair between the far-out Maddux Donner (Ron Livingston) and Zoe Barnes (Laura Harris) before they launched into their six-year tour of our solar system on the Antares. The episodes continually jump back and forth between yesterday's Earth and tomorrow's travels. The space sequences range from mildly thrilling to metaphysical hokum (especially on Venus), while the love stories tend to be soapy and forced.

Production values are prime-time slick, and the series is cast with a ship full of attractive, young and multicultural faces. It's the scripts that aren't quite up to snuff. Or maybe the characters' problems don't interest viewers as much as their interstellar journey does.

The box set carries the show's entire 13-ep run, plus a puffy promo piece that runs 10 minutes and a brief photo gallery. "?Rod Lott

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