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Delocated! Seasons 1 & 2



Delocated!” is the latest of such series.

Its premise is that a married couple and their one son are moved from Small Town, USA, to New York City, because they’re in the Witness Protection Program. “Delocated!” is their presumed reality show. The gag is that they all wear black ski masks. If this sounds more like a three-minute sketch than an ongoing program, welcome to my club.

Jon Glaser, a writer for MTV’s genius “Human Giant,” created the show and plays the lead, also named Jon. Early in the series, his wife (Nadia Dajani, TV’s “The Big C”) ditches the mask and him for one of the federal agents guarding them. Various short episodes center on Jon trying not to ruin the ska-themed bar mitzvah of his child (Jacob Kogan, “Star Trek”), working in a copy shop, eating his way through a movie-themed deli menu (i.e. No Hoagie for Old Men), loaning money to his girlfriend (Zoe Lister-Jones, TV’s “Whitney”) to open a shop that features pretzel earrings and tortilla hats, and forming a Good Guys Club.

While I’ve been a fan of the behind-the-scenes talent’s previous series (the warped “Wonder Showzen” in particular), “Delocated!” doesn’t come off smelling as sweet, if sweet smelled like inspired lunacy. Here it reeks of one joke told 18 times more than asked. —Rod Lott

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