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Demonizing rich people



Last November, every financial trend pointed to high unemployment and low GDP. Add to these realities the imminent explosion of health care costs, widespread inflation, inevitable tax increases and unsustainable deficits. In 1992, lesser economic factors became a mandate to fire George Bush.

How does a president taking extravagant vacation getaways while people lose their homes and jobs remain unaccountable for an economic record clearly resulting from his domestic policies? Simple: He ceaselessly attacks the achievers among us.

For years now, liberals and the media have made it acceptable to ridicule people of means: “the rich.” This euphemism is as pejorative as anything used to label people of various ethnicities or religious/sexual persuasions. All Obama needed to dismiss Mitt Romney was a description of his bank account. A covetous electorate did the rest.

Today, a cheap laugh or joke no longer includes any minority or individual foreign-born. The punch lines include glib references to “corporations” or “big fill-in-the-blank industries.” To sympathize with successful organizations or individuals is akin to siding with the personification of evil.

I don’t know where we are going as a country, but I know it won’t be far if we hate our fellow Americans for being successful. We demand charity from those who create America’s capital success while ignoring a government that wastes billions of dollars yearly.

A country hateful toward a demographic simply because of their ability to produce will not last. Not for long.

—David Hull, Yukon

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