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Devouring downtown



Now you’ll have a chance to make that dream come true during the first official Downtown Restaurant Week, starting Sunday and ending Thursday, Jan. 26.

The scoop: Each kitchen crew, executive chefs leading the way, has designed three-course, event-specific dinners for $30. The culinary geniuses are more than excited and were pleased to discuss details of what can be expected during the five-day foodie extravaganza.

“It’s going to be a totally awesome prix-fixe menu that’s based on availability of fresh product,” said Jonathan Krell, executive chef at Stella.

right, Trattoria il Centro

The goal: It’s an invitation to try new, unusual dishes representative of each participating kitchen in an effort to expand the collective food palate of the metro. Oh, and to support local!

Chef Jonathon Stranger at Ludivine will certainly be working on the former part of the mission.

“[We’re doing a] braised rabbit with foraged edibles. That way, people can try more of what we harvest straight out of the ground,” he said.

Stranger and Krell both mentioned that the menu items will be finalized the week prior, because that’s when they go to the farmers’ markets and shop for fresh, in-season tasty treats.

Stranger gave us some idea of the menu they’ve worked up at Ludivine. Have you ever tried squid-ink pasta? You’ll have a chance. What about ravitini? I can bet you haven’t, because Stranger made it up.

Lastly, have you ever wondered what a whiskey, root beer and black peppercorn glaze might taste like? You get the idea. (Pictured above.)

right, Ludivine

As if indulging in decadent cooking from OKC’s finest chefs isn’t enough to satiate your hunger, the added bonus of cultivating the food community is certain to add to the excitement and make for the perfect dessert.

Don’t refill that pantry with groceries next week. Your dinner plans already have been made.

Photos by Shannon Cornman

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