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Dez’s ‘dark place’



Get ready for your jaw to drop: Now Dez is facing three lawsuits totaling $850,000 for alleged unpaid loans, jewelry and tickets for items purchased on credit, according to the Fort Worth Star- Telegram. Another suit involving nonpayment of rent in Stillwater has surfaced, the Tulsa World reported.

How’s Dez holding up?

wants to get past this,” adviser David Wells told ESPN’s Ben & Skin
Show. “He wants to get all these deals past him and closure. He’s in a
dark place in his life. Until you find the light, you’re going to
continue to be in a dark place.”

a $2.8 million base salary with bonuses, Bryant was shining brightly as
a first-round pick by the Dallas Cowboys last spring, according to the

November, Dez lost a $55,000 earring against the New York Giants,
according to ProFootballTalk. As luck would have it, a security guard
located the diamond stud and returned the bling to Bryant after the
game, the Star- Telegram reported. Dez gave the guard “a big thank you.”

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