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Digitalism - Idealism





Do you want something completely new and original or something really fun? If you don't mind two German kids reworking a Cure song and some sometimes-generic electronic music, "Idealism" is an upbeat dance-the-night-away album.


The pair sampled and reworked The Cure's "Fire in Cairo," rebranding it "Digitalism in Cairo," and adding a deep, foot-stomping kick drum and bassline. Sacrilegious, I'm sure, but get over it.


"Pogo" is the best song on the album, and sounds more like a band than a duet. With rhythmic synthesizers and an arpeggiated lead keyboard line, this sound could find a home on an album by The Killers or The Bravery.


Despite being only a few years old, Digitalism boasts tens of thousands of MySpace "friends" and a robust touring schedule that is taking them everywhere but the United States. So go grab what the kids in Europe are listening to' at least it might make you feel cooler.


"?Joe Wertz


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