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Dinosaurium - Laura Buller and Carey Scott



DK Books

For the budding paleontologist in your family, the ginormous board book "Dinosaurium" is worth more than an all-day pass to Jurassic Park. And far less dangerous.
It's literally 10 books in one. The more pages you turn, the more publications are revealed, hidden in die-cut nooks and crannies.

For example, a "Dino Bio" comic-strip adventure folds out from the top of the first spread, illustrating the story of the prehistoric creatures' extinction, in less-than-serious fashion ("I've got a blinding headache!" complains one, just before he succumbs to the sleep of death).

Affixed with Velcro is a mini-book on "amazing" dino facts, and a 100-page "Dinopedia" that most kids would find worthy on its own. A "Dino Swatch" is like a Pantone color guide demonstrating the different skin colors and textures of the beasts.

There's an L-shaped, removable timeline, as well as a flip book that shows two dinosaurs on the move. Finally, "The End" unfolds into a newspaper heralding the end "? or "dino-gedden" "? of the species.

Is it better that your child will learn something, or that this will keep him entertained for hours? I claim a draw. 

"?Rod Lott

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