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Dirty Harry: Special Edition




I know what you're thinking: "Dirty Harry" has already been released on DVD. But this being a two-disc special edition "? "restored, remastered and fully loaded" "? you should feel lucky.

Clint Eastwood had his signature role as renegade police detective Harry Callahan, patrolling the streets of San Francisco in one of cinema's all-time great crime series. In "Dirty Harry," his main job is hunting down the assassin known as Scorpio (Andrew Robinson), loosely based upon the real-life Zodiac murders. Aided by Lalo Schifrin's iconic score and Don Siegel's brutal, no-BS direction, it's a nice 'n' violent antidote to the edit-frenetic, slam-bang, supercop showcases of today. In other words, its very datedness is what makes it still great.

Journalist Richard Schickel contributes an insightful commentary, while the set also sports trailers for all five films, a vintage featurette and "The Long Shadow of Dirty Harry," a new, half-hour documentary on the legacy of the film and its franchise, with praise from current filmmakers Joe Carnahan, Shane Black and David Ayer, who continue to pay homage.

"?Rod Lott


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