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DJs celebrate Friday the 13th with records, blood



Friday's third annual Disco Bloodbath at The Conservatory is not your parents' shindig from the Seventies, but a costume party with several different DJs providing tunes to a crowd displaying fake blood on their clothing and skin.

Austin Greene, promoter for J.A.R. Productions, said the idea for the first Disco Bloodbath came when he and his friends noticed Oklahoma City nightlife lacked theme parties.

"We did it partly because there wasn't anything going on in the city that we wanted to do. So we decided to throw our own party," Greene said. "It was about going out and having a wild night out instead of a tame one, It was a ritual of getting ready and looking the most outrageous possible."

Getting Disco Bloodbath off the pages and into OKC nightlife took a bit of convincing, however. Initially, venues were unsure if a blood-and-gore rave party would go over well in the state.

Worries were unfounded, as Greene said the first Disco Bloodbath found an audience looking for something different and the second one brought in even more people.

DJ Brian Zero said last year's party attracted about 400 people, some traveling from Missouri and Texas.

"There's a different variety of people that come: some people from Bricktown, concert people and a lot of the Goth crowd," Zero said. "It's a very diverse crowd." "Heather Caliendo

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