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DNA will not be taken from suspects



author, Rep. Lee Denney, R-Stillwater, said the addition to the law
enforcement database would help solve cold cases.

The House was like,
“Whatevs,” and killed it with a vote of 51-35, the Associated Press
reported. There were emotional pleas from both sides of the aisle about
unsolved murders, catching repeat offenders and preventing further
“heinous crimes.” Convicted criminals already give DNA.

Denney wanted
the requirement expanded to those arrested for violent crimes, crimes
against children and more.

this, you’re guilty before you’re tried,” said Rep. Jerry McPeak,
D-Warner, in his opposition to the bill. Is this a privacy rights issue?
Does taking DNA from a suspect equate to convicting him of a cold case?
“How many innocent people will have to be traumatized and invaded
before you think it’s not worth the risk?” McPeak added. How
traumatizing or invasive is a cheek swab (or hair or blood sample)?

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