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Tulsa alternative act RadioRadio has never been shy of its intention; it’s so committed that the band decided on repeating it in its name.

“There’s always been that desire to breakout into being the national act we are capable of being,” vocalist Greg Hosterman said. “I felt like the name was an exultation. RadioRadio: We embrace the radio and want to be on the radio.”

It has always played like a radio band, blaring a polished, capable sound — inspired by David Bowie and Joy Division — that reflects current bands like The Killers or The Bravery. Powerful vocals, soaring choruses and tight musicianship has marked each release, and that’s always reflected in its live sets — including gigs at South by Southwest, Dfest and pre-shows for Paul McCartney and Journey — that usually win over new fans.

“It’s always enjoyable to see the arms become uncrossed,” Hosterman said. “People don’t know what to expect since we are an unsigned, regional act, and we get up onstage, and there’s this conversion from indifference to genuine enjoyment. We get a real charge out of that.”

It’s been five years of toying around close to that breakout success RadioRadio has been so steadfast in moving toward, although coming on around the time the music industry went into flux has stifled that push through. A bit of time was spent

lamenting the diminished power of the airwaves and the record labels, but the band since has embraced an increased capacity for independence. Its latest record, “Esprit De Corps,” was done entirely on the guys’ own.

“We’ve always relied on other people for help, but we did all of this in-house,” bassist Paul Cristiano said. “I like working with people from the outside, but I think we were confident enough to tackle this on our own this time.”

They feel all the stronger and more accomplished for it. The process of crafting the album was, at times, a struggle, but Cristiano and Hosterman’s steadfastness always gets them through. Time will tell if RadioRadio will be able to achieve the radio domination it has always desired, but at least it is a possibility.

“After a few fistfights and some disagreements, I think we really put a punctuation mark on the title of the record,” Hosterman said. “We are only as good as our ability to resolve our conflicts, and we did that and made a record that is better than any record we’ve put out in the past, and it was done without one cent spent. There wasn’t a single investor. It’s kind of comforting. We’re the masters of our own destiny, a little bit.”

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