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Do the Busey



Last week, the paparazzi outlet caught the Oscar-nommed actor (in 1979, mind you, but perhaps there’s hope next year with “Piranha 3DD”?) in a playful moment, dancing in a parking lot, presumably to an audience of his car’s open trunk (parked in a handicapped spot, for what that’s worth).

Grooving awkwardly to Orleans’ soft-rock 1976 hit “Still the One” (a single with incredibly unintentional homoerotic cover art; Google it), Busey calls it “my favorite song” and exclaims, “C’mon, bud! Hey! … Still the one!” Just when you expect the man to belt out one of his
acronymic aphorisms (i.e. “You know what ‘fear’ stands for? It stands
for ‘false evidence appearing real’”), TMZ’s camera then reveals Busey’s
not (quite as) crazy after all: He was just singing and dancing to the
apparent indifference of his toddler son, Luke, belted into a safety

CFN didn’t realize Busey had spawned recently. Someone get that kid a helmet!

not sure why Busey was so happy, because he filed for bankruptcy days
later. According to an Associated Press report, he has more than
$500,000 in personal debts, but less than $50,000 in assets.

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