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Do you realize??



But when some quick googling showed Bucky’s oral fixation to be merely a new Flaming Lips release, we shrugged and went back to work.

According to hipster-music website Pitchfork, Wayne Coyne and co. recently contacted a purveyor of unusual confections to create life-size human skulls — complete with brain — out of gelatin-based candy (aka gummy bears). This person, who was unsurprisingly already a Flaming Lips fan, also agreed to implant a USB with three new Lips tracks inside the brain. Starting in April, purchasing fans will find that the tunes are literally stuck in their heads.

After having taken time out of our very busy days to listen to all 12 tracks of their YouTube tune, “Two Blobs Fucking,” on 12 separate iPhones, we feel relatively comfortable telling you that the songs will sound exactly like “Embryonic.” No word on what the gummy noggin tastes like; Bucky is in a sugar-induced coma.

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