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Does Rep. Todd Russ know what Buddhism is?



Oklahoma Rep. Todd Russ backs a bill that will require Christian Bible classes in public schools. He told Oklahoma Gazette (News, Greg Horton, "Bible school," March 24, 2010), "It wasn't Hinduism or Buddhism that motivated the move to these shores."
Oh. My. G-- ("Flying Spaghetti Monster").

Does the man even know what Buddhism is? I think not; because if he did, he would know that it was Buddhism that motivated the move!

If someone were to ask him what Buddhism was, I imagine he would reply that it's "worship of a fat guy." And he's right ... insofar as Christianity is "worship of a hippie," as history is "worship of the dead," as music is "'worship of things that vibrate."

Budd is a form of the Sanskrit for "awake," thus making a "Buddha" "one who is awake" and a "Buddhist" "one who follows the awakening."

If the Founding Fathers had been "Christian" about it, they would have kept their liberatory ideas to themselves and "carried their crosses." It was Buddhism ("following the awakening") that allowed them to see that "following their king" was a loser's path. I agree that the Christian Bible has very many good, non-religious lessons, but the government should only legislate Christian Bible-lessons as long as "Christianity" is kept off the books ... maybe, call it the "Neo-Israel Bible."
"Jay Hubbard
Oklahoma City

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