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Doggone shame



A man and his dog were recently put behind bars in the Oklahoma town of Hydro. Unfortunately, only one of them made it out alive.

Edwin Fry was jailed after he broke into the Hydro pound to rescue his canine pal, Buddy Tough. Fry's poodle had been put in the slammer for running loose, but had a history of repeatedly causing a ruckus around town.

Fry recounted to The Oklahoman his exchange with the police: "I told them 'I don't advise you take my dog unless you want to face my shotgun,'" Fry said. "They told me they were going to kill him " so there was no choice but to take matters into my own hands."

That he did, sans shotgun. Fry's getaway vehicle? A lawnmower. His weapon of choice? Bolt cutters.

The lawnmower just couldn't cut it " the great escape was interrupted by Hydro police officer Chris Chancellor. Fry was arrested and jailed, and Buddy Tough was taken back to the pound. Fry spent a couple of days in jail waiting for someone to bail him out; in the meantime, Buddy Tough was euthanized.

According to The Oklahoman, Hydro's police chief told a local newspaper publisher the dog was imprisoned three days, put inside a box and executed with carbon monoxide emanating from a police car's exhaust pipe. The police chief's name? Mike "Colonel" Sanders.

"He's flying now with the angels, and I know I'll see him again," Fry told The Oke.

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