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Donald Glover: Weirdo



Anyone who's seen Glover's work with the Derrick Comedy troupe — culminating in the 2009 instant cult film Mystery Team — knows his sense of humor is wonderfully skewed. In other words, although his act could be rated a soft R, it's not for the lady who lives at home with her "Twilight DVDs and nine cats," nor anyone likely to be offended by the phrase "tampon with Tony Danza's face."

In this mostly solid feature-length concert film, the likable actor comes armed with several bits that please his eager crowd and bear high repeat value, including:
• how the concept for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "sounds like a homeless person's fever dream";
• how early rap songs were all about hat stores;
• why having AIDS is preferable to having babies;
• using the N-word during sex and/or on the iPhone;
• why Kix is "the hand job of cereals"; and
• why Home Depot is "the Auschwitz for kids."
Should Community get the ax — it's only a matter of time, really — Glover need not worry. The guy could make a killing on a national tour. —Rod Lott

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