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Don’t discriminate



I would also like to say to the Oklahoma City Council, you have made a difference, although I wish this policy did not even have to exist. Discrimination for any reason is wrong.

Mr. Kern, when you state God’s word as fact, you are discriminating against all other religions that may not have the same facts. You are also discriminating against nonreligious beliefs, considering religion is on the list of non-discriminants. This makes two separate groups you have discriminated against in one letter.

I was raised in Christianity and, if I wasn’t mistaken, loving thy neighbor as one’s self was taught from the same Bible you chose to utter facts from.

I was also told to be Christlike.

What does Christlike mean to you? With that education, I have chosen not to discriminate against anyone. This means I believe that a handicapped, black, Jewish, homosexual man in his 80s is equal to me.

So please continue to have faith in your religion, but don’t expect everyone to practice it with you.

—Rob Bennet
Oklahoma City

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