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Don’t get your gay all over our military



The gov announced that she will not follow the federal government’s order to process spousal benefits for same-sex members of the National Guard.

“Governor Fallin is setting a great precedent here,” the comedian and faux-news host prodded.
“Because once a gay person gets something, [they get] their gay all over
it. That’s why I think we should shut down the fire department. If I
find out that firefighters also rescue gay people, suddenly it’ll seem
gay for me to have their calendar.”

It has become an ongoing battle between Fallin and equality activists — and now, the Feds.

Colbert, who satirically leans toward the conservative side, even apologized for Fallin’s behavior during the show.

He said, “Governor Fallin, I heard that gay people in Oklahoma enjoy the scent of your state
flower, the Oklahoma rose, just as much as straight people do. You
should order everyone in your state to cut off their noses to spite the
gays. Because you’re kind of doing it already.”

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