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Don't mess with mama



A man allegedly tried to rob a woman outside an Arby's early in the morning Sept. 23, but this wasn't any woman. This was a pregnant woman. And we here at Chicken-Fried News know you never " seriously, never " mess with a pregnant woman.

According to a report on, 34-year-old Donald Bilby had allegedly just finished a refreshing morning robbery at the Family Dollar Store on N.W. 23rd when he encountered 6-months-pregnant Ronnett Jenkins outside an Arby's, also on N.W. 23rd.

Bilby pulled a knife, according to cops, and tried to demand Jenkins' purse. But Jenkins, using what we assume is top-secret pregnant lady superpowers, grabbed the knife and turned it on Bilby, slashing him several times before fleeing to the safety of the Arby's to call 911.

Said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Cory Nooner, "that obviously encouraged our suspect to depart the scene very quickly."

You don't say.

Bilby was arrested outside the Walgreens on N.W. 23rd, just a few short blocks away, and taken to a hospital for his minor injuries (and we're guessing wounded pride). From there, it was off to jail, a place that we assume is familiar " Bilby has spent time in the slammer for car theft, drug possession and false impersonation.

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