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Don't tax ideas



executive director of the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, I believe
it’s wrong to tax ideas, inventions, brand names — all are “intangible
property” that are the seeds of future growth.

are the very things that fuel new businesses and new jobs across our
state. New ideas are at the core of Oklahoma’s success.

Can you imagine what a tax on ideas would do to the entrepreneurial spirit that is creating Oklahoma’s vibrant growth?

of my life’s passions is the Oklahoma River. Nothing symbolizes the
rebirth of Oklahoma City like our river. I’ve seen firsthand as this
former “ditch” has turned into one of the premier river venues in the
world. Like every other good thing in our community, it started with an
idea. Until now, none of us have had to worry that our ideas would be
taxed. But now we do.

Oklahoma City is at a unique
point in our city’s history. Never before has our community grabbed the
national spotlight like it has the past five years. We dream big in
Oklahoma City. From the Oklahoma River to the Thunder to everything else
that has helped redefine Oklahoma City, it all started with a simple

At its core, SQ 766 is very simple.

yes vote means that Oklahomans would not allow a tax on intangible
property — things like ideas, inventions and trademarks. A no vote will
allow the Oklahoma Supreme Court to begin taxing your intangible
personal property. Please join me in voting yes for ideas by voting yes
on SQ 766 on Tuesday.

—Mike Knopp, Oklahoma City

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