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Don’t tread on us



Credit: Brad Gregg

A July 29 Post article focused on Oklahoma’s conservatism “with an independent streak and a disdain for the strong arm of government,” noting that “the state cannot even get residents to comply with car insurance laws.”

the story noted, around a quarter of all Oklahoma drivers don’t carry
car insurance, while about one in five don’t have health care coverage.
Both figures are among the highest in the nation.

So where does an intrepid East Coast reporter go to talk to typical Oklahomans about Uncle Sam?

Why, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse at Stockyards City, of course.

“That kind of frontier mentality maintains in Oklahoma, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing,” the Post quotes a Cattlemen’s breakfast customer, Mark Cunningham, as saying.

The Post story
goes on to quote a couple of folks who cannot afford health insurance
and are against the federal mandate to have insurance. Among those
quoted is someone needing a kidney transplant.

right. We here in Oklahoma are literally willing to die for our belief
that the ACA stinks. ’Cause no freedom is more important than the
freedom to die from preventable disease.

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