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Doodlebops coming to town for two shows



One day, I had this weird dream.

I was watching television and accidentally flipped to the Disney Channel. A rock band was playing, singing a song about getting on the bus.

These weren't your average long-haired, ripped-shirt musicians, either, but people " I presume they were people " with strangely hued skin and hallucinogenic patterned outfits to match. One guy had red hair and yellow skin. Another had a light-blue face. The lone woman " "Deedee Doodle," she called herself " was covered in shades of purple and pink.

Equally as weird: their instruments. Deedee held some freakish combo of a guitar and a keyboard. Moe Doodle " the yellow one " played drums sporting thick tufts of fur. And Rooney Doodle wielded a guitar seemingly made of spare parts from someone's arts-and-crafts closet.

Then they sang another song, this one about cleaning up ("I like to work that mop and bucket / shoo up"). And then Moe pulled a rope and water fell on his head.

OK, I lied. But only about the dream part. The band is, of course, The Doodlebops. Beloved by the preschool set, the Canadian trio will bring its Skittles-colored show of songs and skits to the Oklahoma City stage for two performances at 1 and 4 p.m. Sunday at the Ford Center, 100 W. Reno.

Tickets are $15-$40. For more information, call 235-8288 or visit their site.

"Rod Lott

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