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"Doomsday" is violent, raucous, and wetter than a spring break T-shirt contest.

Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra, TV's "Boston Legal") is a major in the British Army. She's tough as boot leather and she has only one eye "? replaced by a fake one with a camera in it. She also has the worst job you can imagine.

It seems that 27 years ago, in 2008, a virus was birthed in the slums of Glasgow that quickly spread to the rest of Scotland. The Brits built an impregnable wall across the border between Scotland and England, and left everyone on the north side to die. The plague was considered stopped.

Now it's 2035, the sickness is in London and satellite photos indicate that there are survivors in Glasgow. Sinclair is sent with a small team by top cop Bill Nelson (Bob Hoskins, "Unleashed") to find out if there's a cure, and if there is, bring it back to London within 48 hours.

Have you started spotting the influences yet? "The Satan Bug," "28 Days Later," "The Dirty Dozen," "Escape from New York." Blend in some terrific car stunts for that "Mad Max" touch and voil


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