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'Doonesbury' disbelief



No more "Doonesbury" ("Regarding 'Doonesbury,' Sept. 22, Gazette)? You're kidding, right? Not relevant to Oklahoma City local news? You're still kidding, right?

"Doonesbury" fits all communities like "Dilbert" fits all offices. It's timely and cutting-edge, and just because people don't gripe about it on the editorial page doesn't mean that we're not reading it and enjoying it.

I grab the Gazette every week specifically for things like "Doonesbury." If the Gazette can't afford it anymore, admit it and we'll understand. If the Gazette is mad at Garry Trudeau, just tell the truth and we'll understand. But to say it doesn't fit in with your mission for local news and events is ridiculous! Does that mean you are going to cut out the "News of the Weird" too since none of that happens in Oklahoma City, either?

"Bonnie and Michael Rennels
Oklahoma City

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