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Still basking in the glow of the MAPS 3 victory, Mayor Mick Cornett's Jan. 13 State of the City address drew attention to Oklahoma City's original wish list submitted by citizens three years ago. No. 10 on the list? That would be a new NFL stadium, which garnered 65 nominations (along with soccer) on OKC's official " and unscientific " MAPS 3 Web site.

"Well, that would be cool," said Cornett, a former sports broadcaster and columnist for the Gazette. "And I guess we could build one, but there wouldn't be a team to play in it."

Umm, we didn't have an NBA franchise when we build the Ford Center, did we?

"But, seriously, about football and soccer in general," Cornett said, "I will note that MAPS for Kids constructed a new football stadium at Douglass High School, and the 2007 school bond issue has some money to improve Taft and (C.B.) Speegle Stadium."

Beginning ideas for Core to Shore unveiled in 2006 included a football stadium in the conceptual drawings. You can see the sketches at www. on the Web.

Many would argue OKC has its hands full with one major league franchise with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Just last December, analyzed which U.S. cities were ready to host more pro franchises, basing the study on each metro area's total personal income.

OKC had a TPI of $49 billion with available personal income listed at just less than $13 billion, compared to a TPI of $552 billion for Los Angeles, which had $203 billion in personal income. also listed OKC's capacity scores for an NFL franchise at 35. A 100 score represented a strong enough income base to support an NFL team, while scores between 70 and 99 were considered borderline.

Interestingly, OKC had a 95 capacity score for a Major League Soccer franchise. The analysis found the MLS has the largest range of possible expansion options.

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