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Dragon Wars: D-War



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It's nice to see a monster-movie director who has his priorities straight: A kooky, nonsensical plot; a cute girl and her hero; giant snakes; fire-breathing pterodactyls; and an evil army working like they're on commission to destroy Los Angeles. Director Hyung-rae Shim frames his monster madness with the thankfully marginal story of Ethan (Jason Behr, "The Grudge," "Skinwalkers") and Sarah (Amanda Brooks, "Flightplan"), two good-looking youngsters who happen to be reincarnated figures from Korean mythology.


After learning about their destinies from a Yoda-esque figure (Robert Forster, "Jackie Brown"), Ethan and Sarah must constantly dodge a giant, murderous snake while figuring out how to save mankind. In the tradition of monster masterpieces like "Godzilla," the main attractions here are giant creatures and the full-service destruction of a major city; no one really gives a crap what happens to the people involved "? a lesson missed by Michael Bay, director of this summer's "Transformers."


Stoopid, hilarious and kick-ass, "D-War" is like a trip to the fair: pointless, cheap fun that's worth (figuratively) puking a little.  PG-13


"?Mike Robertson 


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